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Conceive . Believe . Achieve

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Conceive . Believe . Achieve

The full quote is, of course, by Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer, who stated "If my mind can conceive it & my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it". 

While quotes are kind of cliched in general, I've had this one pinned to my work board for as long as I remember and I probably look at it at least a few times during my work day. I have other beliefs, values and statements that I live my life by and in these pages of my profile, I think they will all come through by and by (if you have the patience to read all of my pages)

The reason I made this profile is because I have sorely missed having one all these years. Other than a very conservative & chronologial LinkedIn profile, and a sort of boring Facebook one, I really did not have a place to say anything, just in case I was googled... just in case! LinkedIn does not do justice to the whole of me and Facebook actually does nothing.

My profile is therefore built on a product that I proudly conceived, believed in and therefore built and achieved. Its called OnPowerWeb and if you are going through these pages, you pretty much know how it works and why it's important!

About Me

Anuja has 30 years of work experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and has co-founded several ventures since 1986. An advertising professional and a Punjab University Gold Medalist, she started her career by co-founding Pugmarks Design Studio in 1986, north-India’s leading Design,...


As a frequent recruiter, I always found it hard to assess candidates on the premise of their CVs alone. To me, most CVs look the same, feel the same, and as per 80% of the CVs I review, people today "surf the net" and "shop online" as Hobbies...ugh! Therefore, I can't really tell if they have any real interests, hobbies, skills or aspirations.

If you really delve deep and try and dig for...

Aura Art Stay

Aura Art Stay is a small residency for artists that we run within Aura, our home. It was conceived on a drive back from Delhi this Feb 2016, just out of the blue. It just so happened that we had living quarters, a great studio space and lots of ourdoor areas for artists to create, collaborate...