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My Family

I married my college buddy and best friend... how cool is that?

Meet Atul, the buddha in my life! He's the perfect balance to a restless, wild and often boisterous me. I have spent the last 25 years making him mad, taking his trip, and driving him up the wall in general. One of my biggest pleasures in life it to bug him incessantly. He's still cool, sane and composed, don't know how he does it, I could not deal with me if I bumped into me :)

Meet Ada, our first born, the awesome combo of mom and dad. She's quiet, amazingly mature for her age, and a great designer. She thinks things through, loves working on the design of all things, and is as graceful in her being as her name suggests. Ada just finished her bachelors in Mass Media from The Xaviers College Mumbai and is currently backpacking all by herself in Europe (June 2016) She's also the chief UI designer for OnPowerWeb. More about Ada here.

Anya, the energetic entertainer, story teller, curious cat with endless energy to do things. Disciplined, dependable and action filled. I have yet to meet someone who gets things done at work as fast as she does. She is currently in her final year at The Sophia College for Women, Mumbai, pursuring a Bachelor's in Mass Media. She's a Social Media expert, and manages the social media campaign for OnPowerWeb in her spare time. More about Anya on her profile here.

Here's the four of us, Ada, Anya, Anuja & Atul