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As a frequent recruiter, I always found it hard to assess candidates on the premise of their CVs alone. To me, most CVs look the same, feel the same, and as per 80% of the CVs I review, people today "surf the net" and "shop online" as Hobbies...ugh! Therefore, I can't really tell if they have any real interests, hobbies, skills or aspirations.

If you really delve deep and try and dig for dirt, you'll come up with a lot about a person on the Internet. Google someone and the first thing that pops up is that darn Facebook profile, which essentially kills it for you. Then comes the LinkedIn profile, which is as boring as it gets, and if your target is an avid social profiler, you may land up on an instagram profile, where other than assessing a candidate's physical attributes, you cant really tell much.

It gets tough to figure who to call for an interview. HR needs to go through 3 or 4 rounds of screening before zeroing in on a few candidates that are good enough to show to the boss. The window of opportunity during an interview is small, not in the candidates control, and he could make a hash of it before he knows it.

Interestingly, academic scores are becoming more and more insignificant. Companies are looking at the right fit from a variety of perspectives. And candidates are no longer going to jump at the first job that got offered to them. More and more recruiters want to know more and more about you, and will find every bit of information on a candidate before inviting her for an interview. 

I conceived OnPowerWeb to help the student and the professional build a kick-ass profile. Not to say a stay-at-home mom can't build a web profile and tell her own story, of course she can. However, generation Y needs a tool that lets the world in on their thoughts, interests, writings, visuals, skills and as much below the surface as they wish to allow. What's even more interesting to me is that Gen Y does a lot of stuff other than "Surf the net" or "Shop Online" but the black and white CV format tends to blank out their minds. 

Early on, while OnPowerWeb was simmering in my mind as an idea that could be developed, I asked my daughter to show me her CV. In spite of being a fairly bright girl, she had among the dullest CVs I've ever seen. I then set her up on an OnPowerWeb account, gave her a little pep talk, and sent her on her way. Go, build a profile and show me what you can do... here's what she came back with at the end of the work day, check it out...

OnPowerWeb invites individuals to tell "Your story on the Web" It aspires to be the link that pops up when you google someone. It truly believes it does way, way more justice to a person than a LinkedIn or Facebook profile could possibly do. An OnPowerWeb user has access to a super easy tool that empowers him to tell it all without technology getting in the way. I'm using OnPowerWeb as you read this, and all I'm doing is typing this up in a page for you all to read, that's it. 

OnPowerWeb is cooking... slow, steady and getting better and better. I love reviewing every nuance of it to see how this tool can be simpler, easier to use, yet more powerful. I truly feel all my 30 years of experience have converged to build this WebApp and I am loving every minute of working on it :)