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I'm not a great public speaker, but I do get invited off and on to speak at events, mainly addressing younger people.

I like interacting with the youth, they inspire me to a great extent, and whenever I get a chance, I like to speak with them. But public speaking still scares me a little bit.

Am trying to overcome my anxiety of addressing a large audience, and one of the ways I plan to do so is by doing it more often. 

Places I have been invited so far are few, but here's a general list:

1. NIFT, Mohali - On Web Design & Development

2. British Library, Chandigarh - Working Women vs Stay-at-Home Moms

3. MCM DAV College for Girls, Chandigarh - Woman EntrepreneurshipOpportunities & Challenges

4. ISB, Mohali - Honoring Women's Day

5. Vivek High School, Chandigarh - The importance of a good web presence

6. The Tribune Model School, Chandigarh - The importance of a good web presence

7. Rayat Bahra University, Mohali - Why you need a good online profile to land the right job

8. UIFT, Punjab University, Chandigarh - Presenting your portfolio online

9. Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh - My Story

10. Dell, Mohali - Women In Search of Excellence

... and some random others that I don't recall. Will maintain this list diligently here on, now that I have this profile to post this info on.

I love, love, love talking about how individuals can create "Your Story on the Web" so feel free to invite me if you have a willing audience!