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  • June 2, 2010
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Am pleased as punch with the launch of Its a website which allows you to exchange and buy links… where the exchange is of course free and the links you buy are for only $2 each.

Links Builder ties into a huge repository of content based websites that carry articles and info on just about any topic under the sun. These pages are SE compatible and carry only 10 odd outgoing links. Therefore, a page with more than 10 outgoing links is automatically removed from the list of options one gets.

The engine is beautifully designed and works as simply as this:

1. Select your keyword.

2. Review a list of pages that have content matching your keyword.

3. Select the pages you want your link placed on.

4. Add to Cart.

5. Pay.

Thomas and his team have done a fabulous job with not just the front end, but the back end which seamlessly ties everything in together perfectly. I love the report formats, the eye for detail and the slick design that Manoj and his team put together.

Good job guys! Lets see where we head with this new service. We got our first order already, and hopefully, with the promotion and marketing strategies Pankaj and I are putting together, Links-builder should be going places soon.

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