A good start...

OK, initiated the first walk towards training for the marathon. All of us (kids, husband and I) are attempting the 5km mini marathon taking place in our own beautiful city on the 31st of Jan.

I went for my first brisk 5 km walk this morning, and it was a breeze. Did not get tired, did not huff or puff, and thankfully did not feel sore after I finished. Do need to check my shoes though. My feet seem to have grown a little bit, because my trainers fit me like a glove earlier, but seemed just a wee bit tight this morning. Maybe the socks were too thick, or the toe nails too long (yikes!)

Am starting research and planning for the Nov 2010 half-marathon. seems to have some good information, but will check out more and put together a training schedule as well as a good eating plan. Have a lot of friends who’ve done this before, and my sister’s running the Mumbai half-marathon tomorrow, so will get tips and hopefully some tricks too!

Interestingly, roller blading is recommended as a support activity while training for marathons, so here’s another thing I’m going to go back to this year. I already have a great pair of roller blades, so am going to slip them on and see if I can balance myself and get started again. I used to be good at it at one time in my life (about 25 years back :-) )

Happy I started, glad I managed to wake up early enough (my biggest challenge) but should flop into bed early tonight and will live up to the the “early to bed, early to rise, helps you run steady and nice” mantra.

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  • Gurinder
  • January 21, 2010 at 12:04 AM

That's nice. I am practicing too...but on the treadmill in Gym :-)

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