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  • June 15, 2016
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ADOPT stands for Active Directories Online Promotion Team. Its a team that comprises of all the 120 odd RedAlkemists I work with.

About 4 years back we setup a bunch of directories and websites that are content based and have constantly new content and links added to them. The problem was that due to the sheer size of each website, in terms of number of pages, we would not manage to achieve PR for many of these sites and their inner pages.

ADOPT was started in April 2010, as an attempt to bring together the entire staff who would adopt sites and promote them on their own individual level. So we setup a small team of ADOPT coordinators, who would manage the entire program and see how they could help improve the collective knowledge of the entire staff by giving them an opportunity to showcase their SEO skills.

People could adopt 4, 6, 8, or a max of 10 sites each. Each slab was denoted by different colored wrist bands that people were asked to wear. So if you went down the corridor or met a colleague at lunch, you would know how many sites  s/he had adopted based on the color of the band worn.  The coordinators have been sending weekly tips and tricks on SEO and promotion, and people have been sharing knowledge of their individual methods of improving PR.

Today was our first review meeting on ADOPT and I was thrilled to see that there has been a total of 25 PR improvements across 20 websites. Some individuals even managed an increase from a 0 to 3, which is not bad at all.

Each RedAlkemist takes away a 1000 reward points each time they hit a PR increase. Am hoping to see the numbers doubled by next month…. but who knows, the guys here are smart, they may just manage to triple them, at the rate they’re going!

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nice post. thanks.

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