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  • Anuja Lath
  • AURA
  • March 3, 2010
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We’re about 10ft below road level, therefore a ramp leads down to the plot and further leads down the drive all the way to the house. The front parking is on the left as you drive into the property.


This is a Jan 2009 picture, so is fairly recent and I don’t have anything older than this. Notice that the boundary wall is missing and the trees are kind of sparse.



This one is a more recent picture, Feb 2010. All the material trucks going in and out have taken a toll on the poor ramp. We’ll most likely have to replace all of this by the end of construction. I love how the trees have filled out, and the boundary wall is in place. We also have a temporary gate in place, and a guard hut on the right at the bottom of the ramp, but you cant see that in this picture.



The front parking, Jan 2009. This was before we started using this area as the working courtyard for every activity possible. I remember how this area looked really pretty in the rains. We built this out of used broken stone slabs that a neighbor sold to us for peanuts. With grass surrounding all stones, it looked really pretty initially, however, its not going to last too long.



Welding, vehicles, material dumps, plumbing jobs and what not have ruined the front parking completely.  We’re still mulling over how to eventually treat this area, may just replace the stones eventually and keep this look.



Here’s what the driveway looked like when we’d just marked it out, in July 2008. Wed also planted the avenue trees around this time. You can hardly see them here. There was no boundary wall or other structures then.


Feb 2010. The driveway has been clearly marked out with brick edging. We’re hoping all the trucks will flatten the ground out nicely for us to be able to lay our final finish on this drive. We’re gunning for simple brick paving which one can sink into sand and build a pattern of. This will be done last, since we dont want the drive to suffer the same fate as the ramp.

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