Every day is women's day, however...

... it being International Women's Day today, I was asked "If you could meet your younger self at the start of your working life, what advice would you give?" Took me back to a talk and blog post a few years back. Sharing it here, for all of it means as much today as it did then!

Set Goals: Set Goals for yourself. Get organized. Discipline your work & personal life. Make your priority list. Live up to your own standards. Address important tasks first before they become urgent. Confront hard realities. Understand and explore you...

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Today I was sitting with a friend and recounting my Vipassana experience, when it struck me that I never shared in on my blog. While I was narrating instances from my time at the course, it all came back to me, and I though I’d put this up before I forget the highlights. I’ve kind of already forgotten the details of the meditation hours, which are a whole lot, btw, however, the overall experience and the joy of it is still fresh in my mind.

We were sitting with a bunch of friends, making small talk, when one of them menti...

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A couple of incidents

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve had a couple of incidents at work, which make me really wonder how the young so-called professional’s mind of today works…

First incident…

The human resource dept. got a reference check call from an independent agency that forwarded some papers produced by this young girl who used to work for us. HR forwarded them further to me because they saw a discrepancy. The young girl had, in an endeavor to get a higher paying job, after quitting our company, forged my signatures on a d...

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Bald Me!!

For years now, I’ve wondered what the exact shape of my head is. The only way to find out was to take off all the hair and go BALD…. which I did on the 5th of May 2010. Yippee…. finally I know!!

OK, its wasn’t so much the shape that I wondered about, but maybe a combination of a few things… how would it be to wake up in the morning and not have to comb or shampoo all that hair? How would a bald head feel to my own hands, would I look weird or good or just OK? Is my head symmetrical or bumpy? Could I just ...

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Shakespeare & such!

Today I did two unusual, but interesting things:

ONE: Listened to a discourse on the appreciation of western classical music…. hmm… was almost convinced, but not quite… Pancham sent a link….take a look at

TWO: Read Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) with my 16 year old daughter, Ada….. more interesting that no 1) above.

1) Now, my younger kid, Anya also plays the piano (quite well at that) and she does play mostly weste...

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