Are Educators helping Students Develop a Positive Digital Footprint?

In the recent past I have had the opportunity to talk to many school principals, headmasters, and educators about how to help their students develop and sustain a positive digital footprint. Obviously, this is not something my team and I alone can achieve; they too need to seamlessly integrate the concept of positive digital footprints within their day to day student interaction. The educational institution and every educator within must incorporate the concept and integrate it within their system of digital documentation, mentoring and guidanc...

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10 reasons why students should have personal websites

Social media presence is a high priority among students and most of them don’t realize that their social media activity may be detrimental to their digital foot print. The “Internet is Forever” and each of us is leaving a permanent trail of activity; good or bad. Building a positive digital image via a personal website is the need of the hour.

Here are 10 reasons for students to build a personal website that can work effectively towards building them a positive digital footprint.

It’s a central hub of...

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