Chandigarh Marathon

Participated in my first marathon on the 31st of Jan, although did only the 5km run. This was Chandigarh’s first marathon ever and there was a huge turn out. About 3000 odd people ran the 5km section and the spirit was huge. The run was great… I managed to run continuously, which was a big high. I was always worried about not managing to run at a steady pace without getting out of breath. The couple of times I tried slowing down, my legs felt kind of wobbly, so it seemed more comfortable to keep running at a slow pace.

It wa...

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A good start...

OK, initiated the first walk towards training for the marathon. All of us (kids, husband and I) are attempting the 5km mini marathon taking place in our own beautiful city on the 31st of Jan.

I went for my first brisk 5 km walk this morning, and it was a breeze. Did not get tired, did not huff or puff, and thankfully did not feel sore after I finished. Do need to check my shoes though. My feet seem to have grown a little bit, because my trainers fit me like a glove earlier, but seemed just a wee bit tight this morning. Maybe the socks...

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