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  • January 15, 2010
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They drive me!

How easy or difficult is it to live life without goals? To each his own I guess.

For as far back as 25 odd years (right after exiting school, which I hated), I remember being goal driven… to some extent at least. Competitiveness, proving something to myself, setting my own standards just became a part of my thought process as I went along.

For the last 19 years, Atul and I have made a Jan 1st week list of stuff that we want to achieve each year. At work, we review our past year and plan for the full year ahead by putting down measurable goals. On the personal front, we attempt to learn or do things that interest us. It’s motivating to know you’re heading towards something that may appear to be a big challenge, but not unachievable. Its a thrill that somehow gives a lot of meaning to each hour, day, week, month and year of ones life.  How easy it is otherwise to let the years float by, days whiz past without realization, and one day come to a sudden halt, look back and think “what the hell did I achieve? Half my life is gone!” Whoa, scary thought!

Today (a week later than normal) we sat down and planned for 2010. Will take us a few days to thrash out all desires/goals for the year, but the list should be interesting eventually. Aggressive targets at work and project Aura on the home front are topping the list so far. Training for a challenging marathon towards the end of this year is another exciting goal I’m gunning for. Am hoping the knees dont give way, but how’s a small body part going to stop me!! Way to go girl!

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